Theta Core - Belief Work

Vianna Stibal, a Naturopath, Massage Therapist, and Intuitive Reader founded theta Healing in 1995. Vianna, a single mother of three young children, was diagnosed with cancer in her right femur. Everything she had tried using of conventional and alternative medicine had failed. Then she discovered that the simple technique she used in her Readings could heal. Her leg was instantaneously healed. She started using this knowledge with her clients and later formed Theta Institute of Knowledge to teach others how to use this powerful healing modality. Curious to understand why the technique was working, Vianna solicited the help of a physicist and with an electroencephalograph discovered that the simple technique tapped Theta waves in the brain. Over many years of practicing the technique, Vianna believes the technique utilizes a Theta wave to achieve instant healing. Through thousands of clients, she discovered not only an amazing way to connect with the creative energy that moves in all things, but that this energy could instantly change Beliefs and Feelings that are linked to sickness.

Theta Core-Belief works on all four levels: Core, Gene, History, and Soul. With growing scientific evidence that negative emotion can contribute to disease and the awareness that emotions, feelings and the power of thought have a direct affect upon our physical health, there is increasing interest in changing how the mind influences the body to create optimum health. Belief and Feeling Work empower people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones. Core-Belief work can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life.

Theta Healing is also best known for the 7 Planes of Existence, a concept to connect to the Highest Level of Love and Energy of All That Is. Using this concept, the practitioner can achieve the highest clarity and wisdom love.

Beliefs can be carried down through a person’s genes. For example, a fear of water is passed down to you from your great grandfather. All you know is that you have a fear of water but there was never any incident that happened in your life to cause this fear. Your grandfather, however, nearly drowned as a child and developed a near-phobic attitude to water.

Core Beliefs can be changed very quickly which allows you to get on with your life and live in a very positive way. For example, the person afraid of water mentioned above. We change their core belief: I have a fear of water. Then we teach them what it feels like to be safe while in water. We teach them how to be safe in water, all with the creator’s definition of safe. We teach them what it feels like to enjoy the water, while being safe and how to do this.