Neurological Integration

Neurological Integration bases its treatment methods on the neurophysiology principle that the brain governs optimum function of all the body systems. This in essence makes the brain, not the practitioner, the most knowledgeable and qualified to diagnose and correct a patient’s complaints. Practitioners use Neurological Integration to investigate the status of all your body’s function (glands, organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments) as they work together – from the neurological point of view.

As the brain controls optimum function through its neurological circuitry, it is constantly receiving information from every facet of the body, and in turn sends back “fine tuning” messages, many times per second. This means every cell, gland, organ, muscle, tendon, etc. in the body is constantly monitored via these circuits to the brain.

When each of us was born, we were born with a unique DNA template. That template determines “normal” and optimum function. The brain operates within the parameters of the template. The parameters of that template represent our individual tolerances. Muscles, glands, tendons, ligaments, etc. all have tolerances. The tolerances of one person are very different to those of the next. When the body “breaks down” – physically, pathologically, chemically, or emotionally, this means that tolerances have been exceeded, resulting in symptoms of pain and illness. This causes body functions to work at a lowered potential.

The Neurological Integration System uses a set of prioritized treatment protocols that assess the function of all the body’s systems, as well as the factors that have or could translate themselves to symptoms.These protocols identify aspects of physiology that are not functioning to the potential of the respective individual. In evaluating the function of the body’s systems from a neurological point of view, this means the underlying causes of symptoms are addressed and not just the symptoms themselves. The Neurological Integration System leverages the brain’s profound ability to restore the body and all its systems to full potential.
In the office, a protocol is followed which ascertains optimal function (100%) of organs, glands, and body systems. If these are not functioning at 100%, then stimulation of specific muscles, acupressure points, and the brain assists the nervous system to reestablish 100% optimal function throughout the body.

The brain must be in control of ALL body functions to:

• Resolve the real underlying causes of pain, ill-health, and disease
• Get sustainable results for complaints
• Return the body to its optimum potential as it should be for that individual