This is done by stimulating each muscle along a nerve pathway. The nerve pathways in each muscle are treated while the muscles are extended, so the muscles fire, sending a signal back to the brain and the central nervous system. The nervous system then corrects the misalignment. When this correction is made, the person is able to stand up balanced, with greater range of motion and a decrease in the pain or no pain at all.

We all know that the body responds to negative feedback. Each time we stand up, the brain receives information from the rest of the body parts. If we have just lifted something incorrectly, a muscle on one side shortens from the strain, and a muscle on the other side lengthens. If you just fell down the stairs and threw a vertebra out of alignment, then one muscle on one side of the vertebra shortened and one on the opposite side lengthened. These two muscles tell the brain where they are relative to gravity. The brain must then tell other muscles to either contract or relax above and below this area so the person can stand up again, as straight as possible with the most range of motion in each joint and with the least amount of pain.

There is a cause, such as an injury, which results in compensation in the body, whereby the body is thrown out of balance. Myokinesthetic System focuses on finding the cause and clearing the compensation so that the body goes back into balance.

The Myokinesthetic System:

• Alleviates pain
• Restores function and movement
• Improves balance and posture
• Resets the body by clearing compensations
• Relief from nerve pain