LaStone Massage

Stones have been in man’s history since the beginning of time. We have created monuments of stones, to honor kings, gods, and famous people throughout history. Native Americans used heated stones in their sweat lodges. Many shamans, medicine people, and spiritual healers from all over the world use stone and crystals in their healing ceremonies. The frontier people use heated stones in their bedding and in wagon boxes to keep their feet warm. Russians have used heated stones in their baths. So it is not unusual to use stones in this day and time for bodywork or massage.

Clinically, LaStone Therapy is the application of thermo therapy, using deep penetrating heated stones, alternating with extremely cold stones. Using different temperatures, whether cold or hot, on the body to bring about a certain reaction has been used for eons. Black basalt stones are usually used for the hot stone because they retain heat. The color black reflects the properties of “yang/male,” energy, which is strong and supportive, a balance with all things, and is protective by nature. White marble stones are used for the cold stone because they retain cold better and reflect the properties of “yin/female,” energy. This energy is Spirit, receiver of light energies and willingness to be of service.

Circulation rapidly changes with the use of hot and cold stones. When circulation is increased, so is the nutrition, and the way that every cell in the body functions. It is believed that when you increase the blood flow through the skin, kidneys, bowels, and liver, that detoxification is increased. The use of hot and cold stones in massage accelerates the exchange of blood, lymph, and digestive fluids in the body. This all improves the quality of the blood, and therefore, healing occurs, as well as extreme relaxation.

Typically, those who receive LaStone massage require a half hour rest following the massage to allow the body to completely process the detoxification. This results in you feeling energetic and alive immediately afterwards.